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Stratosphere Pendant

Unlike traditional fixtures, STRATOSPHERE blends its transparent three-dimensional light-guide with forward thinking Industrial designs to deliver a premium lighting experience for any space. LOOM Luminaires are suspended from ultra-thin low voltage suspension cables that eliminate the need for a traditional power cord, creating a minimal profile and ensuring that STRATOSPHERE complements any design.

An innovative LED light guide luminaire. Loom’s Stratosphere is a translucent, atmospheric, luminous light-guide luminaire providing a non-glary, non-spotty natural light to your space while retaining its transparency both when lit and non-lit.

Stratosphere is made from specially designed light guide panels containing extractors that shape the light to provide low-glare light with wide distribution, providing even light throughout a room, with 50% downlight and 50% uplight distribution. Loom luminaires are dimmable and suspended from ultra-thin low voltage power suspension cables, without the need of a power cord.

All metal components made from clear anodized Aluminum giving a modern sleek look to this luminaire. The LED driver is included and light emission can be constant or dimmed.

5-year warranty. Designed and Made in Canada. Sale Authorized by LOOM INC Patented Technology. 


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      Stratosphere Pendant

      White Light Variant
      Emitting Light Variant