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Stellar Pendant

This award winning LED light guide luminaire will light up your space such as the stars light up the open night sky.

The Stellar lights-up like the stars in the night sky: featuring a transparent light-guide, the Bubbly has hemispherical light extractors that glow like stars, seemingly suspended in the sky above you, designed to look like the star-map of the northern hemisphere.

These specially designed extractors shape the light to provide low-glare light with
wide distribution, providing even light throughout a room, with 75% down light
and 25% up light distribution. Loom luminaires are suspended from ultra-thin low voltage power suspension cables, without the need of a power cord.

All metal components made from clear anodized aluminum giving a modern sleek look to this luminaire.  The LED driver is included and light emission can be constant or dimmed.


Stellar Pendant, , LOOM and stellar-pendant

Stellar Pendant