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ComfiMi - Stretch Sofa Cover

  • Liven up your comfy couch with the unique designs of ComfiMi stretch sofa cover - even the old will magnificently look new!
  • Made from a ultra-comfy cotton blend.
  • Comfortable and breathable!
  • Non-slip cover for a wrinkle free appearance!
  • Fits perfectly most sofa!
  • Easy to install thanks to its high elastic fabric.
  • Offers total protection against stains, animal hair, dirt and other things which can damage the sofa.
  • Machine washable.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Stretch the sofa cover & make sure the attached tag is at the lower back side.
  • Cover the sofa in the right direction.
  • Attach one of the hooks to one of the loops, wrap the strap around the back and attach the hook to the loop on the other side.
  • Tighten drawstrings.
  • Slip the foam bars into the gap.
  • Make final adjustments by smoothing & tucking in excess fabric.


  • Please measure your sofa including the arm rest
  • Please make sure that your sofa has a deep gap to slip the foam sticks.


ComfiMi - Stretch Sofa Cover, , Warmly and comfimi-stretch-sofa-cover

ComfiMi - Stretch Sofa Cover

Black & White
Modern Nordic
Black with Foxes
Black with White Triangles
Beige & White Criss Cross
Black with Multi-Color Leaves
Green Leaves
Blue Gray & White Brick
Wine Red & Flowers
Blue with Flamingos
Green with Flowers
Jungle Leaves
Gray with White Feathers
Gray Blue Flowers
Light Gray